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Work using your daily apps on an Ipad or Android device wherever you happen to be: pay only for the services you actually use...


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Your outsourced IT Department, with technicians who are available to answer your every request,... We make your satisfaction our top priority.



IP telephony (VoIP) is more flexible and less costly than traditional telephone communication systems. You can be reached on your landline number wherever you happen to be.

Client testimonials

I very often had the opportunity to collaborate with Xavier.. I have to say that I rarely had the occasion to be disappointed...

During several years , it was very interesting to work with Xavier. He's very sociable, have a good knowledge of his work. It was very great to work with him.

Xavier is een voorbeeld voor iedereen, open vizier, meertalig, werkt projectmatig en weet heel goed waarmee hij bezig is.

Xavier is a trustworthy, hardworking IT professional. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling assignments with dedication and a smile...

Xavier, était mon interlocuteur exclusif pour notre filiale en Belgique. 
J'ai toujours pu compter sur lui en toute circonstance, très professionnel et efficace sur toutes mes demandes...

Xavier is incedibly service driven and resourseful. I can't count the number of times he helped us out, thank you Xavier !

Xavier is a very good IT professional that always takes the time to support anyone is his network. With Xavier, network problems are transformed into solutions.

Xavier worked several years for our company. He turned out to be a very flexible IT professional who mananged to get the different projects done in time.

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