With Pix-IT, contacting a IT technician has never been so easy .

Our staff is available, 24/7, to answer your requests.

We can help your computer network to work better by ensuring preventive management of your infrastructure. We monitor your equipment, not only ensuring nothing goes wrong, but we also help to extend its lifetime.

Our contract plans offer both a great price and flexibility, in other words offers you canít refuse.

Our all-in-one service

Catering for small and medium-sized enterprises, we specialize in implementing sustainable IT solutions and providing related support services.

Our company combines technology and simplicity by developing effective and affordable IT solutions designed to optimize your systems.

A one-stop shop for:

  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • Computer management
  • Purchase advice
  • Assessment
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • The sale of equipment

Free Computer Audit

An audit is designed to assess the level of performance and security of the whole of your computing equipment. It helps you to know what solutions to implement to ensure the sustainability of your infrastructure. We perform this audit for free, and there are three different stages:

  • We carry out a computer audit

    An audit is both technical and functional, it allows us to take a snapshot at a given moment of the level of reliability and development potential of the whole of your IT equipment /or network.

  • We provide a detailed report and recommendations

    At the end of this audit, you will receive a detailed report. This report may include a certain number of recommendations designed to correct any shortcomings with your infrastructure noticed during the audit.

  • Maintenance and/or assistance contract

    Afterwards, we will be able to offer you an IT maintenance and/or assistance contract, tailored to your needs and your budget, on request.

Real-time monitoring system

Overview of your IT equipment available in real time for easy and efficient control

  • Comprehensive control panel for monitoring the whole of your IT equipment,
  • Online inventory of your equipment available in real time,
  • Regular steering meetings so you know where you are with your IT,
  • Full control of your IT investments,
  • Management of your software licenses.

Maintenance contract

SMEs finally have the computer solution they need.
For peace of mind, every day!

We offer several types of maintenance contract plan, all of which aim to ensure that the whole of your computer equipment and/or network functions optimally.


With the Check-up contract plan, you will be providing your business with a preventive and curative maintenance solution for your server, ensuring it is always operational and up-to-date.

The maintenance is performed on a specific date set with the client.


With the Complete Care contract plan, you have a number of hours to use each month.

You will thus be able to cover all your IT needs, ranging from the installation of new machines, to the replacement of a keyboard.


With the One-shot contract plan, you can buy a number of hours that you can use when you want, during working days.


With the All-in contract plan, you pay a fixed price per PC and server in your business, with unlimited intervention time.

Is your data sufficiently protected?

Data is now part of the backbone of every business, without which your business just wouldnít be able to run correctly.

It is essential to ensure your data is properly backed up. That is why we offer tailored and affordable solutions for your business.

  • Our backups are optimized for all platforms
  • Permanent and customized protection
  • Support services at your disposal
  • Transfer of your data on any type of storage medium within 24 hours
  • Our datacenters are based in Belgium.
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